988: The 24/7 Lifeline for Emotional, Mental, or Substance Misuse Support

FREE & Confidential

More Than a Suicide Hotline

Real-Time Access

LGBTQIA+ Resources

Hope and help are here for LGBTQIA+ individuals including youth with a new 988 Lifeline. Any mental health challenge is a reason to call the new 988 number and provides real-time, confidential access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Anyone is encouraged to call 988 if they are having a hard time managing difficult emotions, worried about alcohol or drug use, or if they have something on their mind that is troubling them and they need support. 

Interested in scheduling a training geared toward LGBTQ+ communities in New Mexico? Please reach out directly to Robert Sturm, nmcap@yahoo.com.

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